Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tattoo Girl – Get a Guy Or Girl to Like You

Her Designer Tattoo Can’t Please The Dog – Are You Interested
With the advent of technology in all walks of life its convergence with human body art is no exception. The tattoo maniac blonde seems to be under the premonition of her hot body and mesmerizing looks. However, the classic reaction is from the dog who is not even interested in sighting the shabby looks of his blonde owner. It seems as though he is more interested in exiting the room and is probably showing her the way out too!
Probably the dog would be thinking – “Give me a break chick! How can you torture your guy with such stupid pictures?” The cool graphic is a depiction that if you are a guy then you might be required to deal with the disasters of your trendy girlfriend now and then.

Tattoo Girl

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