Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proper Tattoo Care - How to Maintain a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo means a lot of preparation physically and psychologically. You have survived the process of preparing your body, enduring the pains and carefully selecting the best tattoo that would express who you are and it is only reasonable to know the proper tattoo care to maintain a beautiful tattoo.

If you do not know the proper tattoo care, your beautifully done tattoo will fade and will be ruined in time. Here are some tips on the proper tattoo care to preserve the radiance and beauty of your tattoo.

Follow instructions. After getting a tattoo, artists or tattoo parlors have standard proper tattoo care instructions for you to follow and you have to do it. Do not ignore their instructions and ask them if you have concerns besides they are the experts and they know what is best for you and your tattoo.

Bandage removal. Proper tattoo care includes proper bandage removal. Leave the bandage for at least 3-4 hours. Wash your hands and remove the bandage carefully letting it to breathe and dry naturally. Do not in any case re-bandage your tattoo.

Washing your tattoo. Cleaning is an important part of proper tattoo care. Carefully let warm water run over your tattoo as you gently hand wash it with mild soap. Do not scrub it. Pat it dry with clean towel. If in the next few days it begins to get flaky, do not scrub it and let it peel on its own.

Ointment application. Anti bacterial ointment is necessary for proper tattoo care. Apply anti bacterial ointment after washing for the first 3 days of your tattoo. It is important that you have no allergic reaction on the ointment; if you notice some allergic reactions consult the experts about it. After 3 days you can use the recommended lotion for your tattoo.

Endure the itch. Your tattoo will begin to itch once it started healing, do not scratch it. Scratching it could damage your tattoo. If you really cannot endure the itching, slightly slap the itching part.

Apply sun block. Exposure to sun can cause sun burns and tattoo to fade. Once tattoo is healed and you want to display your new tattoo to the world, do not forget to apply sun block for proper tattoo care to avoid sun burns if you will spend long hours under the sun.

Knowing the proper tattoo care is important to preserve the beauty of your tattoo remember that it is an expression of who you art and you want to show off a beautifully done and maintained tattoo to the world.

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